Transition Area

The transition area is located at Point State Park and will be available for athletes to drop off their triathlon gear the morning of their race. No overnight storage of bikes will be allowed.

Transition Area Times

Saturday, August 13 – 5:00 AM – 6:20 AM
Sunday, August 14 – 5:30 AM – 6:40 AM

Your Transition Area

Each bike rack location is numbered and you must rack your bike according to your race number. Your bike should be racked on the side of the rack so that the number is facing you and your bike should be centered on the number. It is your responsibility to know where your bike rack is in relation to T1 and T2.

Please be respectful of the athletes around you and keep your race gear contained within the area around your bike. Also, while making your transitions during the race, please be sure that you do not leave any other gear in the aisles or outside your zone.

The only people allowed in the transition area at any time will be the race participants, P3R staff members and event volunteers. You will need your assigned wrist band on before access to transition will be allowed. There is one entrance/exit to the transition area prior to the race – you must use this entrance/exit only. Bike warm-ups must take place prior to transition area check-in. Once your bike is in transition, it cannot leave until the bike portion of the race.

After you finish the race, there will be one exit for people and bikes. In order to check your bike out, you must have your bike number on your bike and your wristband on. If you are missing either of these, the transition area manager will  need to record your race number information and it will delay your exit from transition.

Please remember that once you finish the race, there may still be other participants transitioning. Please keep the aisles of transition and the bike in/run out areas clear so that they can continue the race.