Water Contact Policy

Friends of the Riverfront Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race
River Contact Policy

A certain degree of risk always exists when people come into contact with an urban river, such as the Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, and all participants and volunteers of the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race do so at their own risk.

During wet weather and in the days immediately following, conditions can rapidly change around and within area rivers, streams, and creeks, resulting in potentially hazardous conditions for Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race participants and csovolunteers.

In addition to hazards such as fast-moving water and debris washed from land, wet
weather can cause combined sewer overflows (CSO) in area sewers at connection points with the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) collection system. These overflows can be a source of bacteria and other waterborne pathogens that may cause illness or other bodily harm if swallowed or exposed to open skin or sores. ALCOSAN’s Sewer Overflow Advisory Key (SOAK) system indicates to the public the current overflow status of area waterways.

The river contact portion of the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race will only occur if the SOAK advisory key indicates that the ALCOSAN collection system is in Dry Weather Operation. If the river contact portion of the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race is cancelled, the event will then become a duathlon (bike, run).

Friends of the Riverfront takes the wellbeing of all Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race volunteers and participants seriously. A link to the SOAK alert system and river condition information will be posted at www.friendsoftheriverfront.org. Additionally, river condition information will be announced at the venue, and prominently posted at the main event tent to allow volunteers and participants the ability to review and adjust their participation accordingly. Participants may learn more about ALCOSAN, the SOAK program, and current SOAK alerts by visiting clicking here.

This policy applies to swim and kayak participants in the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race series.

Adopted – 2.6.15; Amended 7.31.15

Click here for a printable version of the water contact policy.