Bike Safety

Bike Safety Inspections

Bike checks are not mandatory but are highly recommended.  Pre-race bike checks are available at our sponsoring bike shops.  They’ll provide you with a sticker to place on your bike stating that the inspection was completed.

Big Bang Bikes, 347 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122 , 412.462.4600
Pro Bike and Run – Squirrel Hill (412) 586-5497 | Monroeville (412) 229-8473 | South Hills (412) 851-1109 | Robinson Township 412-490-0881

You are responsible for the safety of your bike and to maintain it in good working order for your safety and the safety of the athletes around you.  Be sure that you do not have any loose parts, damaged rims, broken spokes, or dry and rotted tires. Also be sure that your handlebars have bar end plugs.

Should you have any problems with your bike or your helmet, please take it to the above mentioned bike shops or to your local bike shop prior to the race for any necessary repairs.

For your convenience, the sponsoring bike shop will be available to do bike inspections only at Point State Park during the expo hours on a first come, first serve basis.  No bike repairs will be available on site.

Bike techs will be available along the course to provide mechanical assistance during the race.  Should you have a breakdown during the race that cannot be repaired, you and your bike will be transported back to Point State Park.

At any time if event management, staff, or volunteers deem that your bike is unsafe you will be asked to rectify the situation before being allowed to enter the transition area and race.