Friday’s weather update from meteorologist, Ron Smiley

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13963016_1102527299822754_7896795032208316232_oNo changes to the Triathlon forecast. Have added more information on expected rain and conditions. Also the picture is what to expect on Saturday morning.


Friday Expo *Noon – 8pm: Hot! A high of 92 expected with scattered showers. Heat Index: 99°

Saturday 6am – 10am: Temps in the mid-70s to near 80 Isolated rain showers, maybe a rumble of thunder with a passing storm.

Sunday 7am – 10am: Temps in the mid-70s to near 80. Best chance for rain, an isolated storm can’t be ruled out.

Wet, soggy and steamy conditions for this year’s Pittsburgh Triathlon. Dew points will be in the 70s (very humid) for both Saturday and Sunday. Get ready to sweat…

Saturday’s rain chance appears to be relatively small, but rain is expected overnight. At this point it looks like the heaviest, if not all of the rain, comes to an end just before sunrise. That’s around 6:30 a.m. this weekend. There should be a lull for the rest of the morning with perhaps some drizzle or light rain remaining for the race. Saturday morning temperatures should be in the mid to upper 70s hitting the 80s by the end of the race.

Sunday is a little more complicated as rain is expected all day long. There doesn’t look to be many breaks through the day. Overall, from Saturday night through Monday morning I am calling for about an inch to two inches of rain region wide. The good news is, similar to Saturday; the lowest rain chance will be as the sun is coming up on Sunday. Some of the earlier finishers may only see light rain with heavier rain building the closer to 10 a.m. it gets.



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