Daily Performance Snacks

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When you’re eating on the run and grabbing quick snacks, be sure to choose wholesome foods that enhance your performance.

Here are some snack ideas to implement into your daily fueling routine.bowl of nuts

  • Whole grain English muffin with peanut butter
  • Hummus, pita and baby carrots
  • Trail mix with granola, nuts (peanuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, soy nuts), dried fruit, or seeds (chia, flax, pumpkin, sunflower sesame, or hemp)
  • Whole grain cereal with Greek yogurt and frozen or fresh blueberries
  • Instant oatmeal made with low fat milk and slivered almonds
  • Whole grain crackers with low fat cheese/string cheese
  • Mini Bran muffin with nut butter (peanut, almond or cashew)
  • Smoothies (milk, yogurt, or juice; fresh or frozen fruit)
  • Plain yogurt-flavor it with vanilla, honey, cinnamon, applesauce, fruit cocktail, or berries
  • Nutrition bars:
    • All natural (have no added vitamins or minerals). Cliff Mojo, Cliff Nectar, Honey Stinger Waffle, KIND, Larabar, NRG, Odwalla, Optimum, Kashi, thinkThin, Zing
    • Granola-type bars: Nutri-Grain, Nature Valley Granola, PowerBar Harvest, and Quaker Cher
    • Protein Bar: Atkins Advantage, Come Ready, Cliff Builder, EAS Myoplex Deluxe, Honey Stinger Protein, Lenn & Larry’s, Muscle Brownie, PowerBar Protein Plus, thinkThin Protein, or Detour
    • Gluten-free: AllerEnergy, Bora Bora, BumbleBar, First Endurance EFS, Good Greens, GoMacro, Hammer, KIND, Larabar, Pure, SOYJOY, thinkThin, and Zing
    • Nut-free: Avalanche, Odwalla Super Protein, Metaball, No Nuttin’
    • Peanut-free: AllerEnergy, Larabar (has other nuts), Soy Rocks

Fact or Fiction

The Fact or Fiction: Eating lots of sugar causes diabetes
The facts: Being overweight and underfit are the big culprits that contribute to diabetes. Spread carbohydrates evenly throughout the day – don’t eliminate! Best cure is prevention!

Fact or Fiction: Peanut butter is very high in fat: don’t eat it!
The facts: Peanut butter is an outstanding sports food, high in protein and a source of good fat.

Fact or Fiction: Energy bars contain special-energy boosting ingredients that you can’t get from other foods
The facts: Energy bars do not have special magical ingredients, they are simply a convenient source of energy.

Fact or Fiction: White bread is nutritionally worthless
The facts: Yes, it’s not as wholesome and nutrient dense as whole grain bread, but most white breads are enriched with B vitamins and iron.  Also, enriched white flour is a primary source of Folate.  Add in white bread into an overall balanced Sports Diet.

For more information on sports nutrition, visit UPMCSportsMedicine.com/Nutition

To schedule a sports nutrition appointment, call 724-720-3077, or email SportsNutrition@upmc.edu


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