How “Hive” Athlete, Kelly Magelky, uses Honey Stinger to win some big events

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Originally from North Dakota, Kelly Magelky moved to Colorado when he was 18 and fell in love with cycling a few years later. Even though he was a bit late to the mountain bike race scene, he dove right in and turned professional in 2006 and has had a successful run as a cross-country and ultra-endurance racer, including several XC victories as well as the silver medal at the SoloKelly Megelky

24 Hour World Championships. He races for the Honey Stinger Off-Road Cycling Team and uses that as an excuse to take 3-hour lunch rides and eat Honey Stinger Waffles all day. Since I race a mixture of events that range from 1 hour to 24 hours, my nutrition varies from event to event, but here is an example of what I consumed during three races in the 2015 season:

Steamboat Stinger (50 Miles)

Honey Stinger Fruit Punch Chews
These are a staple for me. Pretty much everything builds around these. The key for me is that they’re easy to eat, they taste great, and the quick energy keeps me sharp. The clean-up is also easy – just throw the wrapper in your jersey pocket and there’s no need to worry about a used gel pack leaking out.

Peanut Butter N Honey Energy Bars
So, if I’m honest, I eat these as much off the bike as I do on. And they do the same both on and off the bike. I like to create a bit of a ‘base’ of protein when doing a race like the Steamboat Stinger. I’ll try and eat one of these during a 4 hour event and it seems to keep me from bonking, which can happen to me if I’m only eating quick energy foods.

Strawberry Kiwi Honey Stinger Organic Gels
I always have a few gels in my pocket to ‘mix things up a bit’. A 4 hour race is a long time to be on the bike and I always abide by the rule of, ‘have options’.

Honey Stinger Vanilla and/or Honey Waffle
File this under ‘dessert on the bike’. I love looking forward to eating these. Waffles do a few things for me in a longer race… They give me a treat to look forward to, which can help take your mind off of suffering for a few seconds. They also just taste good and have a different consistency – and sometimes you need that.

The King of the Rockies (26 Miles)

Honey Stinger Fruit Punch and/or Orange Chews
Again, these are a staple for me in any race – especially in a cross-country race. To me, these are the easiest thing to eat and the most appetizing. The energy is quick and that’s what you need when the race lasts for 2 hours.

Fruit Punch and/or Vanilla Honey Stinger Organic Gels
The beauty of these is that they don’t take up space and you can have an assortment of flavors in your pocket. I’ll usually go for chews first, but sometimes you don’t want to chew anything if you have a 30-minute climb in front of you!

Solo 24 Hour World Championships

Honey Stinger Chews – All Flavors
Chews are always a go-to for me in any race, especially a 24 hour race – it’s a completely different beast! You need everything at the ready in a race like that. Not sure how much I go through, (because I’m in such a haze) but I know I see a couple boxes at the beginning and at the end I don’t see any left. I guess I don’t see how much the support crew eat… I bet I eat at least one package of chews every lap or two – depending on the lap length.

Honey Stinger Protein Bars – All Flavors
In a 24 hour race, you cannot afford to get behind on any aspect relating to nutrition – and protein is a huge one. My favorite is the Peanut Butter Pro bar, which is just goodness. It’s easy to get protein in when the food tastes great. I try and eat one of these every 2-3 hours or so.
Also, we all know that caffeine is a great boost for most people in an endurance event – and the caffeinated dark chocolate cherry mocha bar is in the mix for me and gives me the perfect boost. (This also gives me something to look forward to in the race every 4-6 hours.

Honey Stinger Energy Bars – All Flavors
I eat these as a supplement to the protein bars as they have a great balance of nutrition for me. Plus, the flavors all complement one another for my taste buds. I like the mix between fruit, chocolate, and peanut butter. Not sure how many I eat in 24 hours because it depends on my needs, but it’s safe to say I need to have a box full!

Honey Stinger Organic Waffles

The waffles are also a great addition to the ‘food table’ at the 24 hour races. Easy to carry, when I’m in a total haze and cannot think very clearly, I’ll reach into the pocket and find one of these and it’s like a nice bolt of energy, which brings some positive morale! Plus – the flavors! It’s all about the mix of flavors in a 24 hour race. My crew likes to have at least one in my pocket at all times and I just don’t know how many times they replace an empty wrapper with a full one, but I probably need a box of these as well!

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